October 3, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Ruth’s Chris Steak House, 565 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA, 98004

What to Say When Someone Pushes Your Buttons

Join us for this informative topic.


  • How to recognize when your “buttons” are pushed.

  • What to say to the “button pusher” that you won’t regret later.

  • Why you might struggle with button-pushing situations and take longer to “get over it” than your friends and family.

  • How to inoculate yourself against someone pushing your buttons in the future

How will this affect or enhance their personal/professional life?

Everyone gets into uncomfortable situations in life where they are emotionally caught off guard. In this presentation, you will learn to handle these potentially tense and high stakes moments with grace and ease. You’ll feel like more of true self and able to relax when talking to others about your business because you confidently know how to handle any bumps in the conversation. In your personal relationships you will begin to see the patterns and understand how to better navigate your personal “button pushing” scenarios without drama.

I’m Laurie Carlson and I’m a coach for Highly Sensitive women.

My clients are tired of feeling overwhelmed by their Sensitivity and of feeling like they’re either ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. I help them embrace their sensitive trait, reframe how they approach themselves and others, and confidently create the future of their dreams.

I am a Highly Sensitive Woman myself. I have known this all my life but for a long time I was unsure how to be a happy Highly Sensitive. As an emotional empath I used to find myself frequently drained by other people’s needs since I thought if I could feel it, I had to do something about it. No more!

Today, I manage my empathic energy in a whole new way and have become a great version of myself (if I do say so). I effectively communicate what I need to the people in my life without shame. I take the time and space I need to be my best self so that I can fulfill my divine purpose of coaching other Highly Sensitive women, which is one of my greatest joys. I would never have imagined my Highly Sensitive life would be this great but, here it is!

I have been working in the personal development industry for 30 years. I have earned a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Social Work, and I trained as a coach at The Coaches Training Institute. All of the degrees, training, and experience is woven together into my work with clients. What you will experience is the culmination of my life’s work so far. A cross-section of psychiatric nursing, social work, leadership development, human systems, and project management come together to serve you.

Laurie Carlson, MA, CPCC
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(425) 484-9288

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