December 6, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Women’s University Club of Seattle, 1105 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98101-3011

Forgiving 2018 and Illuminating 2019

How has 2018 been for you? Do you have people, situations, unreached goals, or business decisions that you need to forgive and let go? Would you like to boldly go into 2019 free from that which holds you back? We are thrilled to have the forgiveness coach, Brenda Reiss, be our last luncheon speaker of 2018 . Brenda will be presenting on ways of

  • Remembering Your Worth
  • Releasing 2018 and any guilt
  • Moving forward without regret

Brenda will then share powerful tips and strategies on how you can Free yourself with the forgiveness framework, Bid bye-bye to “bad”, and how to Enthusiastically embrace a no-guilt, no-regret 2019!

Come join us for an educational and uplifting luncheon, meeting new friends and deepening your connections. Energize your self improvement for a stronger 2019, be sure to share this event and bring your girlfriends for a greater impact. Register today to secure your seat at the table.

The author of “Forgive Yourself”, Brenda Reiss truly walks her talk. She discovered the power of self-forgiveness when a series of life events put her in a very dark place. Failed marriages, abuse, and severe health issues were just a few of the challenges she faced.

Determined to rewrite her story, Brenda sought answers – and found them in the concept of “radical forgiveness”. What she learned changed her life forever.

Brenda is highly skilled at helping people find peace in their personal and professional lives. Coupling teachable techniques with forgiveness theory, this certified Radical Forgiveness© Master coach creates an environment which allows clients to release anger, shame, and guilt. The result? An opportunity to live with joy in the present and the future.

Based in the Seattle area, Brenda is known for her inspiring speeches and workshops.

Brenda Reiss – Forgiveness Coaching
Contact information: / 206-228-4255

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