Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

January 17, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Interior Expressions, 660 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA, 98027

GNO – Girl’s Night Out 6pm-9pm

This is our signature event, meeting January-November on the 3rd Friday of the month for dinner, new connections, laughter, fun, and inspiring educational programs. This special gathering is where we connect on a deeper level, building stronger relationships for healthier communities and richer personal development.

Break out of the Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Trap

Often, we do what we “should” do or what we “usually” do instead of taking the time to figure out what we really want to do. Come learn how to distinguish your “heart’s greatest desire” from your automatic ways of doing things – the “shoulds” and “usuallys.”

Sheila Storrer

I am a professional life coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My mission is to support women to create big, beautiful lives at work and at home. I ask my clients to dream big and say out loud – maybe for the first time – what they want for their lives. And then we work together to make it happen.

Sheila Storrer, LICSW, ACC
Sheila Storrer Coaching
Sheila Storrer Coaching
Happy Parent|Happy Teen

“How in the BLEEP did I get here?”

Have you ever yearned for Peace of Mind? Have you wondered, “Why did I do that? I told myself I would never do that again?” Should I take that job? Is your romantic relationship good enough to stay or bad enough to leave? Ever look at your life and say, “How in the BLEEP did I get here?”

We’re going on a journey, that we define. Come ready to participate in Mind, Body, and Soul. The Universe (uni=one + verse=song) within you is complex, in constant motion, and yearning to be lived. We have light, we have darkness, and we can embrace them both into a life we love living in Health, Vocation, Relationship, and Time Money Freedom.

Lauree Whitaker

Brain Hobbyist, Gender Specialist, Self Coach, and a Tender Heart with a sharpened sword.

Lauree Whitaker
Transformational Life Coaching

Grab your gal pals and come relax and enjoy food, fun, and fellowship.

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