COVID-19 Notice

Due to COVID19, ALL of our events are now virtual via Zoom. WE are committed to keeping our community and sisterhood vibrant and growing, meeting our mission to empower, encourage, and educate women for our personal growth, enhancing our professional success. Join us for our weekly Wednesday Coffee Break & Connect, and Friday Lunch & Learn, to find the links, dates, and times go to Illuminating Women, LLC FB page under EVENTS. We will continue to meet the 3rd Friday of the Month for our Girl’s Night Out (information under the events tab) and we will host once a month Illuminating Women Virtual Happy Hour where we meet to have fun, laugh, connect, and share. We record the educational speakers that can be viewed on our Illuminating Women YouTube Channel. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or join our private FB Community and private LinkedIn Community for greater connection, dialogue, and support.

More than ever it is critical that we stay strong, healthy, and positively vibrating high. Our families, communities, and world need our joy to keep us above ground building hope during times of struggle. Each time we meet, our vision for a greater world is uplifted with purpose filled possibilities. WE do this together because we are: ILLUMINATING WOMEN!

Until we can meet in person again, please stay healthy, follow CDC guidelines, and keep connected to our sisterhood.


Check out our Illuminating Women YouTube Channel and learn from the leaders and experts valuable information to positively enhance your life.