ignite your radiance womens empowerment conference spring 2019 woodinville seattle area

March 2, 2019 • 8am – 4pm • Brightwater Center • Woodinville, WA • After party 5-7pm

It’s time to Energize Your True Purpose

smiling woman with wine feeling joyful and energized about her authentic purpose

You’ve heard the call.

You’ve felt the nudge… that inner stirring to do something true with your life. Something meaningful that feeds your soul and recharges your spark.

Perhaps you’ve glimpsed what that light is – perhaps you’re still seeking, waiting for a sign to show up.

A sign to reveal your higher purpose on this planet and your right path.

It’s your time.

Claim your truth and step into the light. Your inner voice is meant to be heard. Your spark is ready to be kindled.

You can’t deny who you are any longer

No more will you sacrifice your needs, your boundaries, your body and your spirit, in the futile pursuit of fitting in.

No longer will you be silenced.

You are not broken.

Your heart is weary but your spirit is strong.

Claim your power

You’re ready to take the next step. To liberate that inner stirring and watch it take form.

To reveal the hidden, beautiful part of you that’s been aching to be let out.

It’s time to reclaim your power and expand into a strong, powerful, purposeful woman.

To gather with kindred sisters who understand your journey and support you on your path. To discover a higher level of personal energy that will serve you in anything you choose to do.

It’s time.

Liberate your brilliant life

Step into the woman you are truly meant to be and liberate your powerful self.

It’s time to rekindle your spark and let your voice be heard.

Join us March 2 for this transformational experience

jennifer kennett business coach speaker at illuminating womens empowerment conference
woman opening her heart during empowerment exercise at illuminating women spring conference

The Ignite Your Radiance 2019 Conference will help you

Gain the tools and confidence you need to:

  • Look deep inside and rekindle your inner spark

  • Imagine the possibilities for your life

  • Gain clarity to create your right path

  • Connect with other powerful women

  • Release the things that stand in your way

  • Boldly step into your authentic purpose

Get inspired and gain fresh perspective on the next steps to expand your personal growth, which will inevitably benefit your professional growth too. Learn from these leaders in their fields:

Our Conference Speakers

Jill Nichols-Hicks

Jill Nichols-Hicks
Founder of Illuminating Women™, Event Host

Tracy Klinkroth

Tracy Klinkroth
Founder of ChickChat
& The Power of She, Emcee

judge rachel bell keynote speaker on getting unstuck breaking barriers at illuminating women conference 2019 woodinville seattle

Judge Rachel Bell
Keynote: Getting Unstuck,
Breaking Barriers

Brenda Butterfield

Dr. Brenda Butterfield
Discovering Your Essential Self
through Mindfulness

kelly mcnelis speaker at ignite your radiance conference march 2 2019 woodinville seattle eastside

Kelly McNelis
Finding Clarity in Your Messy Brilliance

Sharon Hockenbury

Sharon Hockenbury
Twin Peaks Nutrition & Wellness, Stretch break

Judge Mary Yu

Justice Mary Yu
Aging Magnificently Panel

Bettina Carey

Bettina Carey
Aging Magnificently Panel

Beata Jachulski Baker

Beata Baker
Aging Magnificently Panel

Dabrena Jackson

Debrena Jackson
Becoming a Juicy Woman


“Jill and Illuminating Women™ are just that….Illuminating! I attended [the Illuminating Women™] conference in October of 2017 on Women’s Self Care. It was transformative for me and so many others.

As a Health Coach and successful woman business owner, I wanted to connect with others that were like minded. The speakers, attendees and the event booths had so many quality offerings. The keynote speaker was amazing!

I would highly recommend any Illuminating Women™ events to anyone wanting to empower their lives for the better. We achieve success through learning from others and everything [the Illuminating Women™] team produces will certainly enrich your life!”

– Marie Stone

If you’re ready to claim your power, liberate your brilliant life, and expand into your higher potential, join us March 2 in Woodinville for

Ignite Your Radiance 2019

Conference Schedule

Registration, Vendor Marketplace and connecting with fellow attendees

Conference welcome: Jill Nichols-Hicks & Tracy Klinkroth

“Discovering Your Essential Self through Mindfulness,” Dr. Brenda Butterfield

Break, stretching with Sharon Hockenbury

Aging Magnificently Panel – Justice Mary Yu, Bettina Carey, Beata Baker

Lunch & Vendor Marketplace

“Finding Clarity in Your Messy Brilliance,” Kelly McNelis

Break, stretching with Sharon Hockenbury

Keynote: “Getting Unstuck, Breaking Barriers,” Judge Rachel Bell

Break & Vendor Marketplace

“Becoming a Juicy Woman,” Debrena Jackson

Vendor Marketplace & connecting with fellow attendees

5:00-7:00pm After Party (optional, additional fee to attend)

diverse group of smiling ladies gathering at illuminating women conference
dr keesha ewers speaking at illuminating womens empowerment conference seattle area woodinville


Event date: March 2, 2019 • 8am – 4pm • Woodinville, WA

VIP Tickets:

VIP tickets include:

  • front row seating and treats
  • lunch ticket
  • private lunch with speakers
  • after party ticket
  • VIP swag

VIP tickets are limited to 30. Reserve yours today.

VIP Early bird before February 18th:
Illuminating Women™ Members $169.00 / Non-members $189.00

VIP after February 18th:
Illuminating Women™ Members $249.00 / Non-members $289.00

Standard Tickets:

Standard tickets include Conference admission. Additional fee for (optional) catered Lunch and After Party.

Early bird before February 18th:
Illuminating Women™ Members $99 / Non-members $119

After February 18th:
Illuminating Women™ Members $149 / Non-members $169

Vendor Tickets:

Vendor ticket includes one 6’ table in Vendor Marketplace and 1 Conference entry. Each vendor is allowed a +1 to staff their booth. Please provide names of booth staff at time of registration. Additional fee for (optional) catered Lunch and After Party.

Vendor spaces are limited to 25. Reserve yours today.

Vendor tickets:
Illuminating Women™ Members $249 / Non-members $299
Add $20 if you need access to an electrical outlet.

Lunch Buffet:

Catered lunch prepared by Chef Janna Taylor of Mother’s Roots. Lunch is included with VIP ticket. Standard and vendor tickets have the option of purchasing lunch (see menu below). You may also bring your lunch, or visit one of the nearby restaurants in Woodinville.

Lunch ticket (optional): $25. Must purchase at time of registration. 

After Party:

The Conference After Party will be held onsite from 5-7pm. After party admission includes finger foods and one glass of wine (see menu below). After party is included with VIP ticket purchase.

After Party ticket (optional): $20. Must purchase at time of registration.  

woman giving ok sign at illuminating womens empowerment conference eastside seattle
diverse women talking about empowerment at illuminating women spring conference 2019
ladies taking a selfie at illuminating women spring empowerment conference woodinville seattle area

It’s your time to step forth. Ignite Your Radiance– claim your power and liberate your brilliant life.

Lunch Menu

Coconut butternut squash bisque – GF/vegan
Root vegetable & quinoa salad with tahini-maple vinaigrette – GF/vegan
Grilled lemon pepper chicken – GF
Fresh Rolls & Herbed Butter

After Party Menu

Stuffed mushrooms
Cucumber bites with creme fraise & smoked salmon
Meatballs on skewers

Seasonal fruit & charcuterie platters

After party includes one glass of wine per ticket

smiling ladies at happy hour after illuminating women conference


Ignite Your Radiance 2019 will be held at the beautiful Brightwater Center in Woodinville, WA

 Address: 22505 State Route 9 SE, Woodinville, WA 98072
Brightwater is located just up the street from the Woodinville Costco.

Brightwater Meeting Room
Brightwater Picnic Area

The Brightwater Center is a safe and welcoming education center focused on sustainable practices that support the community and the planet. The facility includes three miles of walking trails, 40 acres of natural habitat, and 70 acres of public open space. This is the perfect setting to settle in, get grounded with yourself, connect with like-minded women, and chart your brilliant next steps.

Map to location
Onsite parking is limited. Carpooling encouraged.

You’ve been led here for a reason

lady looking peaceful and joyful at illuminating womens empowerment conference

To reconnect to who you truly are.
To lift yourself up and claim your power.
To get clarity on your authentic purpose.
To open your heart and expand into the strong, powerful, purposeful woman you are.
To conquer your blocks and declare a life full of possibility.

It’s your time.

Ignite Your Radiance– claim your power and liberate your brilliant life.

Declare your truth and step into the light.

Invest in yourself. In your brilliant future. You are worth it!