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#1 Nicolette Bouw

Nibio - The Dutch Designer

Nicolette Bouw, The Dutch Designer is an interior architect with ten years of experience in designing beautiful and inspirational spaces for residential and commercial clients in the US and Europe. From a simple living room design to whole home remodels and beyond, NIBIO creates an environment that enhances the beauty and functionality of your home or business.

In addition, over the last 6 years she has developed a program especially for home based businesses: to provide peace of mind to desperate women business owners who are overwhelmed by the clutter in their home office, not meeting their sales targets and want a change right now. NIBIO’s professional organization and design services deliver innovated and creative solutions that are proven to enhance productivity & profitability.

#2 Sheri Campbell CPA, MBA

Revolutionizing Outcomes

Helping Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals achieve goals/quotas, get noticed often, attract more clients, and make more money!

Mitzi Cole

#3 Mitzi Cole

Providencia Pond Retreat

Home of the Cookie

Mitzi Cole is the proud owner of Providencia Pond Retreat and creator of The Cookie Technique is a mother, entrepreneur, boss babe, and creative powerhouse. Through love, light, and dance she’s been able to join her businesses harmoniously to empower fellow business owners & entrepreneurs to pursue their own greatness and create exclusive retreats and workshops at PPR.

Providencia Pond Retreat is a women’s retreat destination tucked in rural Issaquah, WA with easy access to its quiet setting. With enormous attention to detail, Providencia provides everything you’re looking for in an event/retreat center. Female entrepreneurs looking for the perfect intimate space to present and/or share their knowledge and goodness will discover the visionary vibes that flow through Providencia while hosting their own prosperous, fulfilling events.

The multi-faceted layout, grounds, and floorplan, lend themselves to an infinite variety of workshops, gatherings, celebrations, networking, or sabbatical. Flexible booking options for day-long, evening, overnight, and weekend accommodations make it a convenient go-to space for social, professional, and personal events.

Providencia will quickly become your preferred space for hosting successful, special, memorable occasions. Whether a networking event, wellness or empowerment workshop, yoga retreat, intimate wedding, renewing vows, friends’ reunion, baby or bridal shower, Girls Get-Away, or Mother/Daughter weekend, you and your guests will fall in love with Providencia Pond Retreat.

Nicole Lux Richie

#4 Nicole Lux-Ritchie

Luxcentric - Technology Guide

In my first life, I had the husband, kids, and cats, and I had my business on the side.

Then everything fell apart and I had to shake the dice again.

In my second life, I had a fun little single phase with me and my kids and fewer cats, and then we met Gary and his kids and his cat.

Now I live in the Seattle area with my Gary, several teenagers, lots of cats, and a ferret.

My side business has evolved into a real business where I am here today, doing what I can to help my people conquer their technology. Life is never dull and Don’t let your Technology Bully You!

Judy Gaffney

#6 Judy Gaffney

R + F - Skincare Consultant

We are a skincare company committed to connecting people with the products, the knowledge, the resources, and the opportunities to change skin and to change lives. We offer effective, clinically proven products to our customers, as well as business opportunities to our Independent Consultants.

Beata Jachulski Baker

#7 Beata Jachulski Baker

Ursa Minor Media - Writer and Editor

As a writer and editor, I have a deep and abiding love for the English language. I think the right words can be magical and transformative, evoking emotion, inspiration, and the impetus to shift forward from positive intention to life-changing action. When you are at a loss for words, I will help you find them.

#8 Vicki Draper

Healing Your Animal, Inc.

I have been told I embody a remarkable combination of Sherlock Holmes-inspired investigative skill, Dr. Doolittle-like communication and connection with animals, and Fairy Godmother-like oversight and compassion. If you are experiencing any type of dis-ease with yourself or animal, then we need to get you started on a path of healing right away.

Carol Weaks

#9 Carole Weaks

Caroles Art - Artist

I was born to create and to make this world a more beautiful place by my having been here! When I am creating I am one with Creator, and I forget to eat, drink, sleep, or even go to bed. Best of all, I don’t feel any pain in my body while I am creating. Doing my art is healing for my body and my soul. For me Art is Life! It soothes my body, and my mind, plus, it has given me a life I never could have imagined. I am called the “Stone Whisperer because stones tell me what they want to become. Using metalsmithing and wire work, I turn them into beautiful wearable art.

Aubrey Armes

#10 Aubrey Armes

Awaken Your Greatness - Prosperity Coach

Aubrey’s been called a bold truth teller who takes a fierce, loving stand for you to step into your greatness, without apology. She’s leading a movement of empowered women, conscious couples, and companies to live fully expressed and is having a fabulously good time along the way!

Jennifer S Kennett

#11 Jennifer S. Kennett, MA LMHC

Eastside Couples Therapy

Jennifer has a genuine love and appreciation for people. She believes that we are all extraordinary, and her passion is connecting people to their resilience. She is the founder and owner of Eastside Couples Therapy, an award-winning counseling practice offering couples therapy and individual counseling services for teens & adults in Redmond, Kirkland, and Seattle’s Eastside.

Her company’s mission is to compassionately nurture the emotional & psychological well-being of individuals by exploring their relationship with themselves, their families, and their larger social community.

She guides her clients to listen with an open heart and to communicate more effectively so that they can feel more fully heard and validated. As a result, relationships are healed and repaired, allowing her clients to navigate life’s transitions with increased ease, so they can will flourish and grow.

#12 Rosalind Scott-Vazquez

Realtor Rosalind, your native Washingtonian Agent

My philosophy is simple: clients come first. I pledge to be in constant communication with my clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. I believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, I haven’t done my job. I don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of my clients.

#13 Bobbi Dupré

Self Discovery Coach

I am biochemist by education and a perpetual seeker of knowledge, a Curious GEORGE, about new ideas and concepts being explored and developed to improve the quality of life for all humanity. Progress and change are motivators for me. My passion is to guide others to find their purpose and achieve happiness. I love meeting new people and exploring their motivations and goals. It gives me deep joy to assist others in achieving their goals, especially in the arena of becoming spiritually and physically healthier and more vital in their life activities. I am a Certified Health Coach and a Infinite Possibilities (Thoughts become our Reality) trainer for Mike Dooley.

#14 Kitty Barran

Kitty Barran

Kitty Barran spent much of her 20-year communications career fielding questions from inquiring reporters as the head of the media relations departments at Farmers Insurance Group in Los Angeles and Zurich Financial Services in London.

A move to the Pacific Northwest prompted her to take the parts of those disciplines she enjoys most and does best – writing, photography and social media – and turn them into social and civic opportunities.

Kerri Wood

#15 Kerri Wood

Ultimate Italy Tours - Italy Dream Maker

We offer world class, guided tours to Italy for people who don’t want to or don’t have time to plan their own trip. We provided amazing experiences by keeping our tour group size half the size, or smaller, than other “small group” tour companies and by using mostly local, family run restaurants and accommodations close to the heart of the city. Unlike most boutique and specialty tours we provide most meals, more activities, and optimal free time to maximize the value for your money. Because of our intimate travel style, we can easily immerse you into the cities we visit with cooking classes, wine tastings and exclusive sights not open to the public. While on our tours you will not just see, but EXPERIENCE, Italy.

Kelli Wike

#16 Kelli Wike

Transformation Mission - Health Advocate

I am a Nutrition and Health Consultant specializing in Weight Management, Anti-Aging and Supplementation.

25 years ago… armed with a degree in Nutritional Science from Bastyr University and a passion for Nutrition Education, I was determined to bring a fresh outlook to wellness and health management by teaching the real truth about our food supply. Most people know what they need to do to improve their health, they just need to know how to implement it into their busy lives.

My mission is to encourage changes by making it quick, easy and fun! Today most of my work involves speaking and facilitating workshops that show people how to rebuild their medicine cabinet with healthy, natural solutions that improve lives. Watch for a new social media series called “Kitchen Conversations” where we will have authentic meaningful discussions about life, food and the journey to health.

Kathleen Yow Wells LMP

#17 Kathleen Yow-Wells

Eastside Wellness Center

As a child, I was intrigued by the power of touch to heal. My healing career path began in 1979 with Naturopath Physicians specializing in detoxification. During this time, I earned my massage license and studied many treatment modalities in depth.

In 1987, I founded Eastside Wellness Center in downtown Kirkland. Over the years, I’ve combined my training, knowledge and experience to create a healing style that is truly unique and effective in reducing chronic musculoskeletal conditions, pain, effects of trauma, and digestive/elimination issues.

What do I do in my spare time? I’ve been a very satisfied customer and a proud Marketing Executive with Melaleuca, the Wellness Company since 2008. I enjoy introducing and educating folks to chemical-free living and healing which starts at home.

PJ Hanks

#19 PJ Hanks

Essential Oils Unlocked

PJ Hanks is CEO of Heal the Family, a doTERRA wellness-based company. She has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years She has helped thousands find hope, discover solutions, and achieve goals for their health and wellness. In addition to being a Certified Holistic Health Coach and essential oil educator, PJ Hanks is a business coach and has helped others achieve their business dreams. She is passionate about helping women feel their best, perform at their peak, and believe in themselves. She is also an international author and a popular speaker on leadership and communication topics.

Linda Clarke

#20 Linda Clarke

Linda Clarke CPA - Certified Public Accountant

Linda Clarke owns a full-service CPA firm and has over 35 years’ experience helping clients with their tax and accounting needs.

Do you need help with your business or personal taxes, financial statements, QuickBooks, payroll or bookkeeping? She is here to help you. She works with all size businesses and individuals in a variety of industries. Her goal is to be your most trusted advisor. She is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Her main focus is to help clients with their income tax and accounting needs. She works to assure that every client receives the personal attention they deserve. Her dedication to professional standards and work ethics is the reason her client base returns year after year.

#21 Diana Khoury

Alternative Health Marketing - Communications Director & Brand Strategist

Greetings, I am a professional marketer, alternative healthcare evangelist, and a designer, artist, yogi, wife, mother and overall creative and enthusiastic human being. I’m the Owner and Communications Director of Alternative Health Marketing, an agency that helps brilliant healers claim & shine their light. We create memorable websites, branding, and simple, targeted marketing plans for holistic practitioners and wellness coaches to attract more ideal clients, grow their customer base and increase their income.

I’ve been a part of Illuminating Women™ since the beginning and cherish the personal and professional relationships I’ve made here. I am excited to watch Illuminating Women™ grow as it continues to empower women through a sisterhood of support, love and authentic connection.

#22 Michelle Mrachek

Melaleuca Wellness Company

It brings me ultimate joy to help others find solutions. I share my personal passion for independence, products I believe in, and proven processes for individual success with others so they can achieve their own goals. After nine years as a successful handbag distributor, I realized that I was meant to have a greater impact. I have pivoted to promoting healthier, sustainable products that can transform lives and lifestyles. I am proudly partnered with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company as my morals and values align perfectly with this Idaho based manufacturer. I now combine my tried-and-true small business and network marketing experience with higher quality, better value solutions for today’s major health concerns with a focus on safer products for the home and environment. I invite you to take a look and Be Well with Michelle.

Pascal LeJeune

#23 Pascale LeJeune

Pascale Travel - Luxury Travel Advisor

What if I told you that you can “paint your ideal vacation, receive VIP treatment, surround yourself with rich cultural experiences and unforgettable memories – effortless.”

My mission is to WOW you each and every time by establishing a relationship with you in a Discover More session to understand your travel needs and desires, because it’s not just about “the trip.”

It’s about who you are, how your next journey will move you, and ultimately change you personally, emotionally, and professionally.

As the owner of Pascale Travel, a BROWNELL and Virtuoso agency, and a Certified Adventure Travel Specialist, I strive to be your authentic and creative, trustworthy travel advocate. By using my secure and established insight connections throughout the world I can further offer you long-term travel planning and ever more meaningful connections.

#24 Maureen Kures

Small Business Specialist

After a 30 year career as a Registered Nurse healing the health issues of patients in collaboration with their caring families Maureen’s family was faced with a legal challenge that set them on a course of DRAMA! TRAUMA! and CHAOS! they never could have imagined.

This challenge ignited a spark in her that caused her to embark on a new direction in life—one to help business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups not feel anxious or worried about the legalities of running their business, but instead for them to have peace of mind, knowing that they, and their families, are protected by having equal access to high-quality, yet affordable legal care. She helps businesses and individuals be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE so they can sleep soundly!

Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm

#25 Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm

Soul Mentor

Did you know that some of our ancestors had elders, wise women, mentors, seeresses, healers and mystics to support them through life’s major transitions? Whether becoming a woman, pregnancy and becoming a parent, and elder (not just ‘older’) they were not alone. I’ve been offered some of those titles, but in today’s world I typically work under the title of Life Coach. I support people through challenging life transitions, whether it is becoming pregnant and preparing for parenting, life after traumatic illness, or maximizing the gifts of ADD.

You could have: a gentle trusted ally, increased confidence and calm, wisdom (if you ask for it!), clarity on your purpose and often your new identity, reconnection your soul and community. Oh, and you get celebrated as well. Let’s reclaim the rites of life. You are SO not alone. Call now for a complimentary clarity session for Illuminating Women™; or just with your questions. Welcome home.

Soul Mentor

Direct: 425-483-5811

Jo Ann Kobuke

#26 Jo Ann Kobuke

Coach and Professional Fear Tamer

You’ve got dreams, big one and little ones. So, let me ask you…what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you turned those dreams into reality yet? For so many of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, the answer is because we’re afraid. We’re afraid of failing, afraid of putting ourselves out there, afraid of what people will say… fill in the blank with your specific fear.

I am the creator and founder of Midlife Rewritten. My passion is helping women tame their fears so they can quiet their inner critic, improve their self-confidence and finally get things done!

Sharon Hockenbury

#27 Sharon Hockenbury

Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness

Sharon Hockenbury, the owner of Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness offers decades of expertise guiding trusted supplement and wellness choices.Twin Peaks offers comprehensive wellness choices under one roof. Provided at the center are Quality Supplements, Ionized Alkaline Water, Energy Healing, Bodywork, Fitness classes and Consultations to cultivate a sense of well-being in body, mind, and spirit. As the community hub of health and wholeness, it is Sharon’s passion to see each individual optimize their health tapping into the innate capacity to heal. You will be served with wisdom, resourcefulness, and wit and can expect to invigorate your constitution and live stronger.

Jaye Siqueiros

#28 Jaye Siqueiros

White Horse Promotional Products

White Horse Promo Products is a company that will provide the finest in quality and diverse selection of imprinted promotional products, logo wear, and corporate gifting.

Skye McGinn

#30 Skye McGinn

All Pro Webworks - Web Developer

Founder of All Pro Webworks, LLC., a full service web development and online marketing firm founded in 1998. She creates professionally designed custom websites from start to finish combining dynamic design techniques with user-friendly features to promote optimal results for clients.

For over twenty years, she has served hundreds of organizations and has compiled a powerful staff of professionals who specialize in building your company’s best online presence.

Lisa Fischer

#31 Lisa Fischer

Lisa Fischer Styling - Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Lisa FIscher is a Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Speaker and Creator of “Image Strong” a Personal Appearance & Image Mastery Program for women.

17 years ago the Image Industry found Lisa while she was seeking life skill resources for her young children. Little did Lisa know the education she was teaching would transpire into her life’s work.

Today, Lisa’s strongest desire is to inspire and educate women to live life IMAGE STRONG. Lisa teaches all aspects of wardrobe management including seasonal capsules, closet strategies, outfit styling, communication through color and personal brand.

Imparting wisdom to our next generation requires understanding, knowledge and discernment. “It’s so much more than being pretty, a size or a mirror.

Confidence is knowing who you are, where you’re going and how you will show up.

Sarri Gilman

#32 Sarri Gilman

Transform Your Boundaries

Sarri helps people recover from being overwhelmed, build boundaries and self-care to lower stress and have better relationships.

#33 Esther Jones-Alley

Spiritual Life Coach

Welcome to the Journey

Esther Jones Alley is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Performing Poet, mother, and grandmother. Esther has been a coach for over 10 years. She encourages her clients to go deeper while moving forward toward their goals. With divine wisdom and practical applications, she helps clients co-create their most authentic life ever.

She is the creator of a YouTube video series, called Wednesday Wisdom that gives instruction and encouragement for her clients and viewers. In her book, “The Centered Life: A Spiritual life Journey,” she describes the principles and guide to Spiritual Life Coaching. It can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble , on her Facebook She is working on a 2nd book which will be published in 2019.

Kelly Ruff

#34 Kelly Ruff

Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor at doTERRA International LLC

Kelly Ruff, dōTERRA PLATINUM, Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor, Life & Business Coach lives in Black Diamond, Washington with her two children. In addition to her work in dōTERRA, Kelly is extremely passionate about overall gut health, sharing with others about her unique health situation and helping people in the process. Kelly loves her role as an essential oil educator and instructor in the AromaTouch Technique and has found it very rewarding to observe what a valuable support it is to countless people both physically and emotionally.

Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor at doTERRA International LLC

Direct: 206-579-9819

Rachel Barnett

#36 Rachel Barnett

Gentle Frog

Since 1995, Rachel Barnett has been a QuickBooks user, eventually earning the coveted Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor status. For six years, Rachel owned and operated Primarily Bookkeeping, d/b/a Your Bookkeeping Fairy Godmother, a Seattle-area bookkeeping firm, until 2018.

Following the sale of her business, Rachel embraced her passion to provide behind-the-scenes support for other professionals. She has started a new business, Gentle Frog, which will provide QuickBooks Training and consulting on accounting processes and workflows.

When she’s not busy supporting professionals and their businesses, Rachel enjoys actively participating in the QuickSource accounting community. She has also hosted a number of SCORE workshops, where she enjoys connecting with and educating other professionals.

Rachel splits her time between Bellevue and Leavenworth, where she resides with her husband and a houseplant, a cactus that has proven fairly resilient.

Angela Belli

#38 Angela Belli

Bellangela Italian Cuisine

Bellangela Italian Cuisine – Experience Italian Food and lifestyle

Ciao, I’m Angela and I’m the owner of BELLANGELA Italian Cuisine!

My family and I moved from Italy 6 years ago, yeah I’m 100% Italian. I was born and raised close to Rome in a little town called Sezze Romano which is famous for the artichokes. I learned how to cook watching my grandmas, organizing parties with my mom, cooking with my mother-in-law and friends around. I started my Italian cooking business because I wanted to offer the opportunity to experience the Italian lifestyle, starting at the table…

I’m a personal chef in love with my Italian culture, I will help you delighting your guests with a very authentic Italian food experience directly in your home. I offer also Italian cooking classes for you, your family, friends and colleagues. Craving for good and traditional Italian food? Call me to cater for you. Italy is now in the PNW!

Wendy Cassady

#39 Wendy Cassady



Direct: 206-356-3561


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